TRP has long prided itself as a diverse, forward looking team of this generation that strives to make a positive social impact while responsibly producing oil and gas.


We believe you can be a steward of the environment, a socially responsible corporate citizen and a producer of vital oil and gas. Our principled ESG approach is rooted in doing what is right in hopes we can make a substantive, positive impact to the environment and the communities where we operate.

Environmental Advisory Board

The Environmental Advisory Board (EAB) is a formal collaboration with environmental thought leaders similarly motivated to lower the full-cycle environmental impact of the oil and gas industry. The goal of the EAB is to share best practices, foster the latest ideas, and reimagine the role of an energy producer in a decarbonizing world.

Senior Director for Gas Transition Solutions at the Gas Technology Institute
Associate Director at the Bureau of Economic Geology at the University of Texas, Austin
President & CEO of Scientific Aviation
Project Manager, RMI
Investment Principal, OGCI


Our goal is to lead by example and be the case study of an environmentally conscious, private operator. We focus on reducing our carbon footprint, land reclamation and responsible water use.

In that spirit, we partner with academia, environmental groups and thought leaders in the space to continually evaluate the latest technology, processes, and ideas to improve the full- cycle environmental impact of our oil and gas operations.

Social and Governance

We are committed to operating under the highest standards and put the safety of our team, contractors, and surrounding communities first.

We believe effective governance is critical to managing our business and making the best decisions for our stakeholders and partners. Our company values and believes transparency, accountability, and participation drive optimal business decisions.

Through charitable giving and volunteering, we give back to the diverse communities with which we came and currently operate.