Our team’s long history of valuing and developing assets helps us better identify risk, find value and improve our decision making. We lean on our differentiated experience and expertise – engineering, operations, geology, land, private equity and A&D – to source and unlock value from entry to exit.

The deep industry relationships we enjoy and partner alongside are due to the character of our team.


Elliott Foxley

General Technician

Elliott Foxley serves as a general Technician for TRP Energy. Prior to joining TRP Energy, she held the role of Zookeeper in the Houston Zoo’s Hoofstock department. During her graduate studies, she served as the coordinator for her department’s undergraduate curriculum redesign, and as assistant editor to JHUP Press during the completion of an ornithology textbook. She gained experience in the industry by assisting TRP with land files part-time, before joining fulltime.

Elliott received her B.S in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation from Texas A&M University and her M.S. in Wildlife and Fisheries, where she focused on landowner/wildlife relations.