Our team’s long history of valuing and developing assets helps us better identify risk, find value and improve our decision making. We lean on our differentiated experience and expertise – engineering, operations, geology, land, private equity and A&D – to source and unlock value from entry to exit.

The deep industry relationships we enjoy and partner alongside are due to the character of our team.


Pete Marshall

Senior Landman

Pete serves as Senior Landman with TRP Energy.  Prior to joining TRP, Pete served as Landman at Three Rivers III and its predecessor Three Rivers II.  During both successful iterations, Pete led and was responsible for all leasing efforts across Three Rivers’ numerous Permian operating areas.  In addition to leasing responsibilities, Pete was involved in all acquisition and divestiture activities.  Prior to Three Rivers, he was an Independent Landman in East Texas, South Texas, and the Marcellus. 

Pete Marshall received a B.B.A. in Management from Texas A&M University.